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Simplifying New Product Development process using GANs


Titan Converge


10 Weeks


Product Developement

Problem Statement

Titan aimed to speed up the innovation process by providing guidance to product designers. Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are a type of generative modeling that can be trained to automatically recognize and learn from patterns in new data. As a promising future option, GANs offer businesses a chance to innovate through fresh product design.

App Benefits

Build a GAN-based image synthesizer in the background that can create new designs from the attributes of existing designs (such as dial color, numbering system (Roman or generic), strap style, etc.).

A GUI that facilitates user engagement with GAN. Give users the opportunity to experiment with a canvas consisting of multiple images. The greater the pointer's proximity to a node image, the greater the resemblance between the two.

Challenges Faced

Frontend: Mapping coordinates to weightages to correct sequence number from all possible outputs, fetching it from the stream and displaying the output realtime with no timelag

Backend: Ensuring all the combinations are generated with different weightages from different node images and be able to supply the stream real time

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