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Driven commerce platform that will power direct to consumer




4 Months


Product Development

Problem Statement

Hatsun Agro has set up retail stores across the country in the name of 'HAPP Daily'. Hatsun wanted an Omni-Channel platform to power direct to consumer business with the stores as hubs.

Our Solution

  1. Magento based backend offering e-commerce capabilities including Catalog Management, Inventory Management, Wallet, Gift Cards, 3rd party payment gateway integrations and 3rd party logistics integrations
  2. A Headless commerce approach was used. Web frontend was built in React Framework giving a very elegant user experience to the customers
  3. iOS and Android mobile apps were built on React Native framework.
  4. Omni channel roll out with store level and region level performance tracking, analysis and reporting

App Benefits

  • Quick roll out
  • Available across all formats
  • Easy for stores as well as customers to use

Challenges Faced

  • Support for store-led retail oriented functionalities
  • Headless Commerce Implementation
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