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12 Weeks


Product Development

Our Solution

Setting up all of the screen labels from APIs before the screens are loaded.

Emproto worked closely as the technology partner to develop the Farmer &Buyer App to help assist millions of farmers.GrainBank Farmer App targeted for the usage of farmer community offering the following key features:

  • Warehouse request to inward the grains for storage or sale.
  • Advanced payment for the farmers to get a loan on the grains stored
  • Offers from Buyers in App and phone alerts
  • Stock release and sales request directly through the app
  • Multi language support

GrainBank Buyer App targeted for the usage of buyer community offering
the following key features:

  • Warehouse Request to store grains after a purchase
  • Purchase Request to purchase the grain stock which can be viewed on
    the Farmer App
  • Offers from farmers as phone alerts
  • Buyer ledger to get complete information on the transactions

Challenges Faced

Supporting multiple languages within Ergos without requiring a code update presents a significant challenge.

Application mainly focus on agriculture sector whose aim was to connect farmers with banks and buyers.

The application itself was composed of three separate modules.

  1. The purchaser's module
  2. The pre-existing module
  3. The Bank Module

The main link between sellers and buyers is the buyer module. which allows you to do things like send out a call to potential buyers who already have the goods in their possession.

Former module has the functionalities like selling his products to buyers and request for loan with the bank module.

The entire application loan process is covered by the financial technology section.

Calculating interest rates and allocating funds to farmers based on their yields are two of the challenges.

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