Video Analytics

Extract data from the Video and drive the future of business.

Video analytics is an application of ML that extracts data from the video to recognize faces, objects, or situations.
Let the insights from video drive the future of business.

Why Video Analytics?

Systems enabled with video analytics effectively make video surveillance smarter, more reliable, and more responsible. AI-enabled video analytics technology will help keep your workplace safe by SOP adherence, process optimization, automation, and quality assurance.

Emproto converts your ordinary camera into a smart one.

How does it work

It is not the video that matters, it is the data in the video. The customers install hardware such as cameras on their campus/workspace. A video management system allows people to watch and store these videos. Integrating a video analytics solution will help to convert these videos into data.

Our data model will be trained uniquely in your context with your test data. We integrate a real-time video analytics solution to your hardware (CCTV) and deploy our data model on your cloud system. The video stream from each camera on your campus will be analyzed by our data model to give you real-time event identification alerts enabling quick intervention.

RTS (Real Time Surveillance)
Monitor video streams in real-time
Advanced recognition
Identify attributes, events or patterns of specific behaviour
Auto Notifiers
Generate automatic alerts based on various triggered events
Provide forensic analysis of data to identify trends and patterns

Harnessing the Power Video Analytics

We provide personalized video analytics solutions that can analyze your videos and provide valuable insight to help draw business conclusions. Our solutions are unique, highly reliable, scalable, and also adaptive to various scenarios, environmental and operational challenges.

Capture, Conceptualize and Compete

Face Detection

Face Recognition

Motion Detection

Object Detection

Motion Detection

Tumor Detection

Drug Discovery

DNA sequencing

Intrusion Detection

Weather Prediction

Traffic Prediction

Object Classification

Credit Scoring

Algorithmic Trading

Customer Counter

Voice Recognition


Be Safe and Secured with our Video Analytics solutions.

Our solution is deployed in an OmniChannel Meat retail chain based in Bangalore

Traffic Management

At the counter

Hygiene Monitoring

For scatterings, etc

Spillage Monitoring

For liquid spills

Safety Standards

Aprons, Gloves, Headcaps

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