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Saathi Rewards Program




12 weeks


Mobile Application and Web Application


By introducing this loyalty platform, Signify hopes to foster relationships with electricians and give them more agency through the chance to earn reward points on purchases of Signify products.

Problem Statement

Designing a program to effectively engage with electricians by implementing an innovative reward mechanism on purchasing signify products


1. Desired results for the user

Earn points toward future purchases by stocking up on recognizable items

2. Business Goal

To increase brand awareness and sales among electricians across the country, new entrants are encouraged to interact with the industry's electricians via a loyalty app and establish a personal connection with them.


1. One-stop loyalty app

In order to keep the electricians interested and actively working, the platform had to be user-friendly and provide them with incentives that were of real value.

2. Simple content flow

Emproto created a full-featured loyalty program, which includes a mobile app for channel partners and a web app for admin users.

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