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Web Development

Problem Statement

To have a single dashboard for managing all designer activities from Onboarding process to Project Management. The current solution had various integration challenges. To provide the customers a digital channel for the exponentially growing customer base which can reflect the complete project journey

Our Solution

Customer Dashboard

Emproto designed and developed a web and mobile customer dashboard to enhance the customer’s experience with Design Café·  

The dashboard involved a customer login given to the customer post the onboarding process·  

Included following features:-

Customer Profile

Project Schedule/Milestones

Invoices and Payments

Customer Support & FAQs

Order Details

Referral Details

Team Details


App Benefits

Emproto built a Designer’s dashboard platform where the designers can carry out all the activities except for the designs. Successfully integrated the platform with external applications such as Salesforce, Customer Dashboard, Ticketing tool and more to provide a holistic view for project management. Led to a seamless experience for both designers and customers.

Challenges Faced

Provided a consolidated view of the project
Helps to assess the performance measures and generate insights
Saves cost and time usually spent in managing a project
Intuitive design to suit the needs of the customers and designers

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