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Web Application, Mobile Application


Asian Paints is India's most well-known paint brand, producing both decorative and industrial paints. In the decorative paints market, Asian Paints competes in all four subcategories: interior wall finishes, exterior wall finishes, enamels, and wood finishes.

Problem Statement

Asian Paints intended to improve the user experience of its dealer outlets' color consulting services by expanding the Ezycolor kiosks' color consulting capabilities.

With just a few clicks, a mobile application that allows users to re-imagine their home or room by capturing images of the space and experimenting with various wall color combinations.

Our Solution

Desktop App - Desktop Application that allows users to visualize their homes and office spaces

Value added features - Digital Previews ,Colour Prescriptions and decor tips were added to enhance the value proposalof the product

Image Processing - Image Processing techniques to improve quality of the photographs

Mobile App - The same power bundled into a mobile app to help people perform the same things from the comfort of their own homes

App Benefits

Remote Visualization - This helps user to just walk into a store or even be at their home, but visualize the future as it is, from anywhere

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get. This app has been made with utmost effort to do the same

Challenges Faced

Bandwidth Quality - Hardware and network Quality vary across each geography and with the size of the store

Data Control - Exhaustive catalogue browsing without impeding the performance of the application

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